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How the CWS Core Values Shape Our Resident's Living Experience


Opportunities start here. Since 1969, CWS has been committed to providing world-class customer service and a distinctive lifestyle to each of our residents. For almost 50 years, we’ve fostered a culture dedicated to five core values. By crafting an environment focused on respect, communication, and sustainability, we are able to create unbeatable living experiences for our residents. See how the commitment to our core values shapes the way we do business.

Honoring Our Word

If we make promises, we keep them. That’s the CWS way. We encourage our team members to be mindful of their words, know their limits, and take ownership of their commitments. We believe that consistently following through on promises is the easiest way to create the best possible outcomes for our residents. That’s why we encourage our team members to make thoughtful promises and set achievable goals.

Ethical Dealings are Paramount

We value honesty at CWS. In order to create a supportive work environment, we inspire our team members to do the right thing every time. Whether you’re interacting with other team members, residents, or investors, it’s imperative that confidentiality is respected and privacy is protected. To ensure the people we work with have a positive experience, we believe that honesty and openness are of the utmost importance.

A Respect for People

At CWS, we believe in the importance of clear communication. By using honest, thoughtful, and specific communication, we let our team members, residents, and investors know they are being heard. We expect our team to be transparent and inclusive and to take responsibility for their communication style. To best understand one another, CWS believes in the power of empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of another to help you appreciate their point of view.

Requirement for Profitability and Sustainability

When CWS succeeds, our team members, residents, and investors succeed. That’s why we value profitability and sustainability. By thinking in terms of efficiency and careful spending, our team members set us up for long-term success. We ask our team to be forward thinking and courageous. When the team works together, CWS soars.

A Demand for Excellence with a Sense of Urgency

CWS is dedicated to fostering an environment built on intentionality and accountability. With a focus on accuracy, quality, and timeliness, we believe it’s important to go above and beyond for our stakeholders. Our team members hold themselves and each other accountable for their success. Because CWS is engaged with people’s lives in such an intimate way, it’s paramount to provide excellent service. Push yourself toward excellence with the help of your CWS team.

To ensure the best possible experience for our residents, these core values are ingrained in our team members from the moment they join CWS. See how we enhance lives…the CWS way.