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Where to Pay Homage to Seattle's Music Legends


From Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana, Pearl Jam to Death Cab for Cutie, Seattle has birthed some of music’s most iconic bands and artists. As a resident of the luxury apartment homes at Marq 211, you live in the heart of the city with close proximity to the legendary venues that fostered the talent of Seattle’s greatest musical acts. Whether you are a fan of grunge, alternative rock, indie music, or any genre in between, celebrate our city’s famed musical history at our most famous destinations.

The Showbox

Nestled across the street from the food and delights of Pike Place Market, The Showbox is one of Seattle’s most celebrated music venues. With stunning chandeliers, an art deco vibe, and a 1,100-person capacity, The Showbox has hosted local acts, national bands, and international tours since 1939. Everyone from Muddy Waters to Pearl Jam has played under their storied roof.

Columbia City Theater

As a live music venue and bourbon bar, Columbia City Theater has been a staple of the Seattle music scene since 1917. As one of the oldest venues in the state of Washington, Columbia City Theater has grown alongside the city. The theater was a home for jazz legends like Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald in the 1940s, the DIY punk movement of the 1980s, and as an art commune in the 1990s. Today, they host performances ranging from burlesque revues to acoustic folk to hip-hop.

The Crocodile

Since 1991, The Crocodile has been one of Seattle’s most vibrant music venues. Located in our eclectic Belltown neighborhood, The Crocodile’s stage was a training ground for legendary Seattle bands including Nirvana and Death Cab for Cutie before they became household names. While they still host tours by national and international bands, The Crocodile is a go-to spot for Seattle’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.

Museum of Pop Culture

If you like your music with a side of history, the exhibits at the Museum of Pop Culture can’t be missed. Originally known as the Experience Music Project, the museum is your destination for music and cultural history in Seattle and beyond. Get up close and personal with the costumes and guitars that made Seattle rock legends Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana famous. They also host a variety of excellent touring exhibits covering iconic pop culture phenomenon like Star Trek and Jim Henson.

Greenwood Memorial Park

Just outside of Seattle in Renton, Washington, you can pay your respects to Jimi Hendrix at Greenwood Memorial Park. The Jimi Hendrix memorial is housed at the cemetery, and music fans young and old come to visit Seattle’s most iconic rock legend.

After you’ve discovered Seattle’s musical roots, return to your luxury apartment home at Marq 211.