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Tips to Squeeze in a Workout When You’re Short on Time


There’s no better way to give yourself a boost of endorphins than a workout. But when life is hectic, it can be hard to find time for yourself. At Marquis at Cinco Ranch, we want to help you live your very best life. And that includes taking care of your mind and body. Whether you want to develop a home workout routine, exercise with your toddler, or find time for fitness in your busy work schedule, our luxury community has healthy tips to help you achieve your goals.

At-Home Workouts

Keep it simple! There’s no easier way to find time for yourself than to workout at home. There are so many home exercises you can try, from toning yoga sequences to weightlifting to body weight routines. With minimal space and equipment, you can complete a full-body workout at home in your one or two bedroom apartment. If you would like professional guidance, try a home exercise program like Daily Burn to find the perfect workout for you.

Resident Gym & Sports Club

When you’re trying to develop a new workout habit, sometimes it helps to have a dedicated place you can go to sweat it out. As a resident of Marquis at Cinco Ranch, you have total access to our fully equipped resident gym & sports club. Featuring premium cardio machines, an array of weightlifting equipment, and a variety of tools to help you strengthen and tone, a total-body workout is always within reach.

Change Your Commute

One of the easiest ways to squeeze exercise into your daily life is to incorporate exercise into your commute. Ride your bike to one of the exceptional employers in the area, including Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital or the businesses of the Energy Corridor. Not only will you cut down on time in traffic, you’ll already have your workout done when you get home. You won’t even need to worry about stopping at the gym after work!

Find a Friend

There’s no simpler way to jump start a new home workout routine than with a friend. Find someone with the same fitness goals and hold each other accountable. If you’re a busy professional, try to find someone with a similar schedule. If you’re a new mom, see if any other moms in the neighborhood are looking to exercise with their toddler. It’s hard to form a new habit but it’s always easier with a friend.

Discover your new lifestyle and routine at Marquis at Cinco Ranch.