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How to Store a Bike in an Apartment


At Marquis on Gaston, we understand that storing your bicycle indoors will help you extend the lifespan of your bike. But after a commute home from work or a long day of biking the riverfront trails at Trammel Crow Park, the last thing you want to worry about is bike storage. That’s why we offer open-concept apartments with spacious floor plans so you have plenty of room for creative storage solutions.

From hardware store hangers to sleek and sturdy floor stands to custom wooden storage racks, there are countless bike storage options available today. Choose the storage solution that fits your needs, your aesthetic, and your budget.


Check out the local hardware store for the simplest and most affordable solution to your bike storage quandary. For less than the price of a latte, you can purchase a sturdy, vinyl-coated hook to hang your bike from the wall or ceiling. To shop local, be sure to visit Elliott’s Hardware.


If you have the floor space or your bike doesn’t have a kickstand, you might prefer the convenience of a floor stand. There are a number of options out there, including this freestanding bike rack from Wayfair. As an added bonus, this bike rack can easily accommodate two bikes!


For a design-focused bike storage solution, look no further than the original bike shelf from Knife & Saw. The original bike shelf is perfect for the sophisticated commuter. You can order this stylish storage option from their website in solid walnut or hickory oak. Check back often as they frequently sell out.

Claim Your Space

What if you can’t find an indoor bike storage solution that works for you? Take advantage of the spacious floor plan and park your bike in your generous living area or ample bedroom. It’s your space! And you can park your bike wherever you want to.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re concerned about leaving tire marks on the wall or floor, there are a number of solutions on the market. The easiest and most cost effective solution is contact paper. For an added layer of protection, you can secure a piece of plywood where the bike may bounce off the wall.

The newest solution on the market is Gripster by Cyclogical. Slip the Gripster onto the end of your handlebar and you can easily lean it against any surface without slipping or damaging the wall.

Find the perfect bike storage solution for you and your apartment home. Maximize your space at Marquis on Gaston today.