Career Training

Every associate at CWS has the ability to pursue their career via extensive in-house training programs offered in their desired field of interest. As the architect of their own career, each associate has the opportunity to gain knowledge about not only their position, but various positions throughout the Company. Some examples of our programs are:

New Hire Orientation (NHO) - CWS' New Hire Orientation is an intensive training program for all new associates. It is held monthly at our Corporate office in Austin, Texas. This unique training provides each associate the foundation for success. You will become familiar with the CWS vision, mission & values, learn about our Company standards of excellence and gain the knowledge required to perform your job well.

Essential Management Training - New managers receive specialized training to help them learn and put into use, principles, approaches and tools that concentrate on managing their property and their team. New managers learn about effective performance management techniques, computer software essentials, and budget & financial management.

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Advanced Sales Training - The Advanced Sales Training program is an exciting course that new office associates attend within 30 days after completing their new hire orientation. This course offers associates the opportunity to learn about key marketing concepts, sales techniques and customer service.

Executive Intern Program - The CWS Executive Intern Program is designed for associates who choose an Executive Leadership path. The 12-month course focuses heavily on Financial Analysis, Proformance Budgeting, Strategic Marketing, and Human Resource Management. All Executive Intern candidates complete an eight month curriculum which include key assignments.

In-Training Programs - CWS has a variety of programs to support the career path that makes sense for you. Whether you aspire to become a Leasing Director, Maintenance Director, or Community Director, CWS In-Training programs help you realize your career advancement goals.

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CWS Corporate Housing has a New Hire Orientation program designed to meet the special requirements for team members just starting in their new roles as leaders in customer service. Associates then complete an individualized mentor program. New managers also attend the Essential Management Training program described above.

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